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San Francisco, CA - Prog.AI, a San Francisco-based technology company, has secured $1 million in pre-seed funding and is gearing up to launch its cutting-edge platform for tech recruiters in March 2023. Prog.AI is building a database of over 60 million software developers from all over the world based on GitHub and LinkedIn data to help them find the best talent for their technical needs. 

Think of it as the reverse of Copilot or ChatGPT: Prog.AI’s module "understands" source code and generates human-readable descriptions, code quality metrics, and the required skills to create it.

The founder’s vision was born out of a need for a search capability that would capture both contributors and projects in the open source space.

The Prog.AI team consists of CEO Maria Grineva, a serial tech entrepreneur who previously founded Orb Intelligence, which was acquired by Dun & Bradstreet in 2020. Fedor Soprunov is a renowned expert  in areas such as natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and programming code generation and analysis, as well as data mining and retrieval. Dmitry Pyanov brings extensive experience in leading product teams and delivering high-quality consumer apps, having previously contributed to growing Replika AI to its first 5 million users. 

"We want to be able to answer questions like who are the key contributors in a project on GitHub, what part of the project the developers were responsible for, what libraries they used, what is the quality of their code, who do they collaborate with." said Maria Grineva. “GitHub is great for hosting repositories, but we want to focus on the people behind the code."

The  platform includes a built-in email outreach engine, allowing recruiters to easily connect with top software developers. The company is set to rival LinkedIn Recruiter, ZoomInfo TalentOS, and SeekOut in the space. It also offers a range of use cases beyond just recruitment, including a go-to-market for developer tools and building lists of relevant software engineers for email and ad campaigns. 

Prog.AI has received funding from Angel Invest, BBV, and multiple notable angel investors, including Andreas Ehn, former CTO of Spotify and co-founder of Singapore early-stage fund Antler. The funding will allow the company to further develop and expand its platform, bringing its unique offering to tech recruiters worldwide.

"We're excited to support the Prog.AI team as they build a platform that helps companies find the perfect technical match," said Andreas. "Their use of AI technology to infer skills from code is a game-changer for the industry."

The company is planning to explore other use cases in the future, including assessing a contributor's impact in a project, understanding who is who in an open-source community, and macro technology trends.

Prog.AI aims to be the go-to resource for anyone in the tech industry looking to connect with the best software developers.

Brunna Almeida